Custom Frame Presets — Starter Presets Kit

Gleb Sabirzyanov
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Figma plugin Custom Frame Presets allows you to define your own sets of presets for frames. Unlike the default predefined templates in Figma these are shareable and customizable and include all frame properties like colors, effects, layout grids and export settings.


Name a fair price 😍

You can pay any sum of money to support me and the creation of my Figma plugins & other cool stuff that I regularly publish on Twitter! All your money will go towards building new features in the plugin!

Current goals

  • $250 — Export all presets to sync between devices or app and browser
  • $500 — Reorder list items
  • Current budget: $123.49 (updated every day)

If you can't support me at the moment or don't feel like the plugin and the kit are valuable enough to pay for — just enter zero into the price field and get the presets for free!


What is included?

This starter kit adds a bunch of presets to the plugin so you don't have to start from scratch. You will still be able to add and remove presets. The presets include:

  • Common smartphone screens with export settings
  • Tablets and wearable devices screens
  • Paper sizes for ISO (A4, A5, etc.) and US standards
  • Print-ready templates for the same sizes with bleeds
  • Web Breakpoints for your next web-design job
  • Bootstrap frames with correct grids
  • 16 and 32 pixels icons with export settings and grids
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Dribbble post sizes
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn ads sizes
  • social posts and ads sizes


How to use print presets?

Printing from Figma is difficult and if you need professional-grade results you should really consider using other apps for that. But for small jobs, Figma could be enough.

Depending on the printer, you may choose sizes with bleeds or without bleeds. For design/artwork creation use the presets without “export” in the name. You can then export these frames into raster formats in 1x size to get them in 300DPI resolution. Use “export” templates only if you want to export PDF and your print-shop doesn't like PDFs exported from the regular templates.

3 ratings
  • 106 Starter Presets

  • Paper ISO, US
  • Paper with bleeds
  • Phones, tablets, watches
  • Web & Bootstrap
  • Icons
  • Social Posts
  • Social Ads
  • VK Posts & Ads
    9 + 5
  • 106 Starter Presets
  • Paper ISO, US22
  • Paper with bleeds22
  • Phones, tablets, watches18
  • Web & Bootstrap9
  • Icons2
  • Social Posts8
  • Social Ads11
  • VK Posts & Ads9 + 5


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Custom Frame Presets — Starter Presets Kit

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